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Every treatment has some certain conditions attached to it which appears as after effects. Likely breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure under which breast size is altered to make them big. Though numerous people undergo the Surgery, but everybody will face different things. In the given article, we will discuss about the various analogies regarding the different recovery experiences. It will help the person to know about the detailed insights who is aiming to go for the breast augmentation surgery in near future. There is large number of breast augmentation surgery clinic in Hyderabad.

Let us look at the do’s and don’ts that will aid in the after process. The below information can also be attributed with respect to other breast surgeries. Though the information is highly informative but isn’t intended to overshadow the medical care coordinator or surgeon advice. One can visit a highly experienced and professional breast augmentation surgeon in Hyderabad.

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1) Unbutton the Mind and Body after Surgical Operation

Rest is the most important and effective thing to practice after the treatment. The more the person rests his body, the faster will be the recovery rate and more efficiently the body will heal.

Avoid any type of hit cardio or any energy demanding exercise for few weeks. Consult the surgeon before indulging in such activities. Give the body it’s time and observe it to understand the working and repair mechanism.

Gradually add up the amount of exercise with proper consultation and guidance from the surgeon and act accordingly to the recommendations made by the surgeon. If at any point, body feels pain or uneasiness stops there and takes advice from surgeon.

2) Never Disregard Feelings of Nausea and Pain after the Treatment

Don’t underestimate any kind of pain sensation or feeling of nausea after the treatment. Both nausea and pain are closely linked post surgery. Do consult a doctor in case of any extreme nausea or pain condition as it can be a warning sign.

3) Adhere to our instructions for proper care of the wounds

Just after the treatment, the incisions are fresh and should be properly cared off according to the type of incision.  After a week, in postoperative instructions will be given which should be followed sincerely for best healing.

4) Follow a proper and nutritious diet with plenty of fluids

Consume a proper and balanced diet as healthy food is exceptionally good for proper healing. Increase the intake of fluids and all the vitamins and minerals. Zinc is very important for efficient healing.

Common Pain after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Though the doctors will do their best to minimize the postoperative pain but having a little or slightly manageable pain is a very common thing. Also the pain varies from person to person as it is also influenced by the person’s genetics and their pain management strategies. Some symptoms such as redness, heating, extreme pain can be something unusual and should be a wakeup call.


Knowing about the Breast Implants I Should have

Breast implantation has become widely significant and elementary these days. A large number of females are undergoing breast surgery across the globe. Breast implant is basically a procedure in which a bag type structure is filled with fluid and is put inside the female chest. The primary concern is to change the shape and size of the breast. It’s a comprehensive method to increase the size and shape of the female chest. The process is highly sensitive and should be performed under the supervision of highly experienced and well known experts. The quality of implants should also be strictly inspected for all the quality checks. The person undergoing the breast implant must confirm every single detail like the quality of implants, brand of implants and every other specification should be discussed with the concerned surgeon if someone is aiming to go for breast implantation surgery in Hyderabad. Let us understand why we should obtain all the information related to the breast implants.

Breast Implantation Surgeons in Hyderabad

For what reason should I be aware of which breast implants I have?

Being a very sensitive and delicate procedure, it’s very important to know about the whereabouts and every single piece of information concerned to it. Always consult the reputed and experienced surgeon; There are many experienced and well known breast implantation surgeons in Hyderabad.

Warranty assurance

Multiple breast implant brands that are widely used by the surgeons offer warranty programs for their customers. This warranty assurance is very crucial as it provides the person peacefulness and calmness in the mind for all the coming years. There are numerous brands out in the market like hans biomed, motiva which offer replacement policy for the ruptured implants for lifetime. This makes the process more smooth and untroubled. Also a lot more is being done at manufacturer level like late seromas and double capsule.

Prior understanding about BIA-ALCL

Over the last few years, medical science have came to know that certain kind of breast implants are linked with certain type of immune cancer known as Breast Implant associated Anaplastic Large cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) . Scientists are working on it and trying to find to reason and the cause associated with this disease. Until now, it’s discovered that this cancer is majorly effecting those with textured implants, and particularly those with Allergan Biocell implants.

Proclaiming the complications

In the first instance, everybody hopes for a painless and untroubled situation. But we can’t control beyond our limits. So just in case if a person experience some symptoms like breast pain, palpable mass, or any sort of deformation, then having proper information about the brand and type of breast implants can make it very smooth and easy for the surgeon analyzing them.

Giving the valuable feedback

By sharing one’s own understanding about the procedure of treatment, makes it very comfortable and reliable for the new people who are aiming to go for the same. Likely it will also help people to educate themselves priory about breast augmentation and all the details including the brand and type of implants.


May 24, 2021 cosmeticSurgery0

How many times in a day do you feel conscious of your out of shape body and many reasons you have to feel so? Definitely many. Looking good, fit or put together does has its importance in many non-conspicuous ways. People who have some hard to lose fat that gives them exaggerated body line, understand what all those ways are. Therefore, they try every possible means to get rid of body fat to achieve the shape which is considered normal. Body contouring is one of them. The general perception of body contouring is that it is a surgical process that is a sure shot way to get rid of excess fat. You can definitely go for it but it is very important to gain some awareness about the procedures that are highly invasive and crafty. It is always suggested to consult a board-certified cosmetic surgeon for an overall of body fat and suitability of a particular procedure for one’s body type. Cosmetic surgeons at Akruthi Institute of Cosmetic and Plastic surgery provide the best of services using a customized treatment plan that is safe and efficient.

Is body shaping a good choice for you?

There are many reasons a persons want to reduce their weight. They either want to achieve the so-called ideal body contour or want to do away with the loose skin hanging from their body after a drastic weight loss. Some p


Have you ever heard of men having gynic issues? No, we are not talking about the third gendered people but straight men. Nipples are common parts both males and females have but with varying volumes. When men have puffy or fatty nipple areas, it is called Gynecomastia. When male hormones lose balance in men it results in a condition called Gynecomastia. It manifests in the form of breast growth in men, popularly known as ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’.

Though it is caused by physiological conditions, it is not a medical condition per se. A man with large breasts is a common sight and most men live with it unless they face social stigma or loss of confidence because of this condition. They are either blissfully unaware about the hidden burden of embarrassment one has to face in the body-shaming obsessed society or about the treatments available for it. Akruti clinic is a well-equipped hospital that is known for the best Gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad.

Now that it is clear that few treatments exist for this condition, you should also know why undergoing Gynecomastia treatment is important. Young boys and men often find it awkward to change clothes in the locker room or go shirtless when swimming or relaxing on the beach. Sure, at the end of the day it is all


The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about breast augmentation is surgery, implants, and the resulting pain and scars. This is because many people are not aware of the alternative treatments which are more natural and safe. Fat grafting or fat transfer is one such natural procedure with minimum risk of failure suitable for small breast augmentation.

What is Lipomodelling?

Lipomodelling, also called fat grafting, is a process through which fat cells are harvested from one part of the body and are transferred to other parts. Ordinarily, this procedure is adopted in breast augmentation procedures. Fat is harvested via liposuction or contouring, from fat excess parts like abdomen, thighs, upper arms, or back.

The harvested fat is purified by removing blood and oils in a sterile environment and strategically injected into the tissues of the breast, changing its shape and size and giving it upper pole fullness.

Is this procedure suitable for everyone?

Fat grafting can give only moderate augmentation, unlike breast implantation, which helps change bra size. It is suitable for people who want only slight improvement in the size of their breasts. Women with uneven breasts who feel uneasy with the gap f



Accessory /Axillary breast tissue is seen in 2-6% of women and 1-3% of males as per an International Survey. It is a congenital state in which unusual growth of accessory breast tissue is observed along with the presence of normal breast tissue. The breast tissue can be seen at

  1. chest wall region
  2. vulva
  3. axilla
  4. knee
  5. lateral thigh
  6. buttock
  7. face
  8. ear
  9. neck

Duration of the procedure: 1-3 hours Anesthesia: Local /General Rest : 5-6 days post surgery ( at Home) Side Effects:- Bruising, inflammation, lymph


How to check your body fat levels?
“Check your current Body Fat Levels”
Body-Fat Note: Full Body Liposuction is not advisable if your BMI is more than 24.
Before you go ahead it is equally important to check if you have any blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, thyroid problems, hyper tension and any blood clotting problems.

We advice not to decide on your own to have a surgery by checking body fat levels yourself, prior consultation with Liposuction Surgeon is essential.

The 10 Cricketers: Chronicles of Hair Transplantation

Cricketers with bald spots and receding hairlines are not uncommon, and there are many veteran and contemporary players suffering with this issue. But some players have decided to fight back and regrow the lost hair, and 10 of them have managed to get the most successful hair transplants ever.

1.Virender Sehwag

The dashing stunts with bat have earned him the title, “Nawab of Najafgarh”, but his bald crown was an insult to that. So, he got a hair transplant, which was sensational in many ways. He looked more youthful with the regrown hair, since his bald scalp was lending him an aged look before the surgery. Also, he revealed about his hair transplant publicly, which had encouraged many people to opt for the FUE technique, after watching the success of his surgery. This incident also put an end to the trend of visiting Dubai for the hair transplant anymore, and people are now enjoying exceptional results in the expert clinics in In


Tollywood and Cosmetic Surgeries: The Saga of Renowned Celebrities
The glamour world and cosmetic surgeries are strongly inter-related, with numerous stars getting under the knife, to improve their visual appearance and aesthetical appeal. Tollywood is no less in this aspect, and many celebrities of this arena have knocked the doors of cosmetic surgeons to improve their looks.

Allu Arjun
The young actor and “Stylish Star” of Tollywood is well known for his ultra-posh looks and mannerism. But he had to undergo a lot of effort to earn these qualities. Cosmetic surgery is one of the traits, which had lend him with excellent looks. He got a nose job and lower jaw surgery, to correct the odds like nose shape and Prognathism (the lower jaw is a bit forward in this condition).

Ram Charan
Touted as “Mega Power Star”, Ram Charan is every bit suited for the title. His looks, action, dance and fights have earned him hardcore fans and excellent craze in the public, just like his father. But,

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