Of several the elderly see an active love life – and just why not?

  • STIs and you may secure intercourse
  • One’s body
  • The sexual interest
  • Their future health
  • The newest relationship

STIs and you will safer gender

For those who have an alternate intimate companion or you convey more than simply you to definitely intimate partner, you could be at risk of taking an intimately transmitted disease (STI) – irrespective of how old you are and also the sex of companion. STIs can also be carried courtesy non-penetrative intercourse.

While you are worried you may possibly have a keen STI, confer with your doctor. As an alternative, you can visit an intimate fitness (GUM) clinic to obtain checked out.

Not absolutely all STIs keeps periods, so it’s a smart idea to has actually a yearly sexual fitness check-around get on this new safe top.

Your body

Transform to your government while we get older mean that gender can be a bit tricky or shameful. However, you will find things to do making one thing much easier.

Vaginal dryness

Certain ladies feel genital dryness following the menopausal. This may hurt during intercourse. Playing with a genital moisturiser otherwise lube can help.

Particular types of soap and you can bath serum produces genital dry skin even worse. It is best to avoid using them on that part of your own muscles – just heated water will be enough.

Erection difficulties

Really males sense hard-on difficulties as they get older. You could potentially will overcome these by simply making easy lifestyle changes – such as for example fat loss otherwise stopping puffing.

The libido

Many people find the sexual drive reduces because they years. This really is for a lot of reasons, such as:

  • a lesser number of intercourse hormone
  • a health issue
  • ill-effects out-of treatment.

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