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The Axillary Breast is simply excess tissue located in the area of the armpits. It is also known as supernumerary or accessory breast tissue. A woman can be affected by one or both sides.The Axillary Breast might be a result of weight gain or could be entirely genetic and Axillary Breast Removal Surgery in Hyderabad. It is not considered a health risk and exists in around 6% of men and women.

Axillary Breasts Removal Surgery cost in Hyderabad.

Axillary breast tissue can cause a bulge in the armpit area and make it look meaty, making the woman very conscious when wearing certain clothes. It may even prevent the clothes from fitting correctly. If excessively large, it can also cause accumulation of sweat, irritation, and inflammation and is particularly true when wearing specific clothing or bras that may cut into the area. It also often leads to low self-esteem, inferiority complex. So, it is better to check Axillary Breasts Removal Surgery cost in Hyderabad, to avoid such issues.

The Axillary Breast Removal Surgery in Hyderabad is performed at Akruti hospital by a highly skilled team of surgeons who perform this procedure with ease, thus leaving you with boosted self-image and high confidence, and the general sense of acceptance amongst your peers.

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