Breast Augmentation SURGERY in Hyderabad is a cosmetic surgery to increase Breast size. Scientifically also called Augmentation Mammoplasty and in common parlance as ‘Boob Job.’

Even after puberty, many women fail to develop breasts proportional to their physique and often leads to low self-esteem, inferiority complex, and the longing to feel more feminine.

Breasts that are small genetically, or due to some prior injury or surgery or merely underdeveloped glands, are dealt with Breast Augmentation Surgery. It leaves the patient with fuller, firmer breasts, giving them a completely natural look to befit the rest of their physique.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad is performed at Akruti hospital by a highly skilled team of surgeons with ease to enhance the breast’s size. Thus, they are leaving you with boosted self-image and high confidence and the general sense of acceptance amongst your peers.

Post  Augmentation surgery, you no more have to feel shy or find reasons to avoid social gatherings due to your natural shortcomings. The change can be seen immediately in the way the clothes fit around the Breast.


Any healthy individual who has small Breasts or is unhappy with her breast size, longing for a bigger, fuller Breast can undergo Breast Augmentation Surgery. This procedure is not performed on girls under 18 years of age until the natural Breast development stage is crossed.

On initial consultation, the Chief Surgeon will examine and evaluate the condition. The doctor will discuss the various options and get an idea of the patient’s expectations during this period.


Preoperative Preparation:

  • Stop smoking at least three weeks before the surgery, if applicable.
  • Do not consume alcohol for at least a couple of days before the surgery.
  • Should be fasting (including water) for a minimum of 8 hours before the surgery.
  • On the morning of the operation day before reporting to the Hospital, Hair in the private parts & armpits to be shaved and a good head shower to be taken.
  • All the required tests-Blood, Urine, ECG, Chest X-Ray, Mammogram, and Anesthesiologist check-up to be done a week before the Surgery day.
  • The surgeon will take the Breast measurements and discuss the Silicone Breast implant’s size and shape and the pros and cons of the Breast Augmentation surgery.
  • Following Hospital admission, Shower with medicated scrub, BETADINE, and Antibiotics are given to ensure zero infection post-operation.

Markings & Photographs:

Preoperatively Breast Photographs are taken for assessment and comparison with the postoperative results. Incision markings are done with indelible ink markers with you in the upright position before administering the Anesthesia.


General Anaesthesia is administered, wherein you will be comfortably asleep during the surgery period. The effect of this will wear off in a few hours post-surgery.


The procedure involves making a small incision done either around the Nipple or on the lower Breast fold. The silicon implant will then be inserted through the incision behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscle.

The silicon implant placement site depends on the native breast tissue’s thickness to avoid the implant edges’ visibility standing out from beneath the Breast tissue. If there is sufficient breast tissue, the implants are placed underneath the breast tissue and less; the implants are placed underneath the Muscle.

Surgery Duration:

The surgical procedure takes about 3 hours.


After surgery, you will be shifted to the Recovery Room to rest till the effect of Anaesthesia wears out.

Antibiotics to prevent infection and Painkillers to alleviate pain are given and discharged with details of the care to be taken through the following days.

Sutures and Scars :

Absorbable sutures are applied to close the incision. Moreover, leaving behind a minimal unnoticeable scar over some time.

Post Surgery, the surgical wounds are covered with surgical cotton pads, and a support Bra is made worn. It helps keep the swelling to a minimum and provides adequate support to the Breast while healing.


Breast Augmentation surgery is a Day Care procedure or maybe overnight Hospital stay if required.


Antibiotics and Analgesics are prescribed for the next ten-day period and advised to rest for a week to ten days and any kind of heavy lifting or stretching for 6-8  weeks to be avoided as it could damage the implants and hamper the wound healing ultimately. After about two months, you can resume sports activities and exercise.


You must come for scheduled follow-ups with the surgeon to get checked up with the status of wound healing, dressing change, and addressing any other unexpected discomfort. All care is to be followed, as advised by the surgeon.


Pain and swelling in the Breast area, mostly where the incision is made. Painkillers are prescribed to deal with this, and it gradually subsides over a week to two.

Wound infection may occur in a few cases and is prophylactically treated with Antibiotics.

In some cases, Hematoma and Seroma are noticed. It can be prevented by avoiding excessive physical activity during the first few months of the surgery and wearing a good supporting bra.

There may be more  Surgical Wound scarring in a few cases than usual due to skin type. For this, prescribed cream or Silicon Sheet has to be applied for a few months to minimize scarring.

Rarely, in the long term, Capsular Contracture is noted, and the incidence of which can be reduced by using nanotextured implants.

Breast Augmentation Surgery cost in Hyderabad :


The Breast Augmentation Surgery cost in Hyderabad may vary between   INR 1,20,000-1,70,000 depending on the implant type used.


Akruti boasts of the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon in  Hyderabad, Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao,  has over 20 years of experience transforming many lives with enhanced, fuller, and beautifully projected breasts with a natural look and, more importantly, instilling the confidence and self-love back.

His team comprises of highly experienced surgeons like Dr. Srujana and Dr. Ramesh Mani. They have performed several augmentation surgeries and transformed lives. At Akruti, be assured, you will be in the hands of the best cosmetic surgeons in Hyderabad.


  1. How long will I need to take leave from work?

We suggest you take leave for 1-2 weeks from work. However, if you can work from home, that may be availed and thus reduce your leave period to just 3 or 4 days only.

  1. Do I need to get a family member or friend with me for the surgery?

We advise you do come with a family member or friend who can be of support – physical as well as emotional.

  1. Can I choose the surgeon who will operate on me? I will be more comfortable with a female surgeon.

Yes, this is possible. However, we assure you that all our surgeons are very professional and highly respected in their field.

  1. How long will I have to wear a dressing post-surgery?

Ideally, the dressing has to be worn for about 2 weeks. However, when you come for a follow-up, the surgeon will check the incision area and decide if the dressing needs to be continued to ensure there is no risk of infection and also the implants have adequate support.

  1. Can i get the implants removed or exchanged with bigger implants in the future?

Yes, you always have the option of implants removal and also exchange with bigger implants in the future in case you are not satisfied with the present ones.

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