Male Breast Surgery


Male Breast Surgery, scientifically known as Gynecomastia is a simple surgical procedure carried out to reduce the breast size in men. Akruti hospital extends the best Male Breast Surgery in Hyderabad to successfully reduce breast size as well as enhance the chest contours.

During puberty, due to the various hormonal changes, all men get a little bit of breast gland, which goes away over time. However, for few men it stays, which makes it essentially look more like a female chest. Sometimes excess fat accumulates around these glands and increase the size considerably. This could have a huge psychological impact on them, impairing their self-worth, hindering them from involving in many outdoor activities and preferring to isolate themselves in various situations.


Any healthy individual who has enlarged breasts can come in for consultation with one of the best Male Breast Surgeon in Hyderabad at Akruti. With a quick check up and evaluation, our doctors will be able to suggest if they are eligible for the Male Breast Surgery.

As a rule of thumb, generally men who fit the below criteria are eligible for the Male Breast Surgery

  • Enlarged breasts
  • Stabilized breast development i.e., post-puberty
  • Any other physical symptoms of Gynecomastia



As mentioned earlier, Gynecomastia is a very simple surgical procedure. The surgery can be performed with a simple local anaesthesia or a general anaesthesia depending on the client’s comfort and stability.

Liposuction and Excision

A small incision is made just below the areola (dark skin around the nipple area) and the excess far, gland tissue and the excess skin is removed surgically.

Depending on the case, sometimes, the excess fat may be removed through liposuction along with the excision technique described above.

Sutures and Scars

The surgeon will use dissolvable sutures to close the incision, which will leave a very small unnoticeable scar.

The complete procedure lasts for about 1 to 2 hours only.


The Male Breast Surgery is a Day Care procedure. This means that the patient will be discharged the same day post the procedure, once the effect of anaesthesia wears out.

Before you are discharged, the surgeon will explain in detail the care that needs to be taken for quick healing. They will also explain few restrictions you have to follow for the following few days.


Post-surgery, you are advised to get 24 to 48 hours of complete rest. You might face slight burning sensation in your chest area which will wear off in a day or 2. Follow-up check-ups are to be followed as advised by your surgeon.

It takes around a week for the complete healing, post which you can return to your normal routine. But you need to keep in mind not to indulge in any kind of heavy lifting or stretching for a period of 3 weeks atleast.

Male Breast Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

Cost involved:

Post examination, depending on the complexity of the issue, generally a Male Breast Surgery Cost in Hyderabad costs around INR 00,000/- approximately. It is a very inexpensive surgery and Akruti Hospital offers you the most competitive price in Hyderabad.

Male Breast Surgeon in Hyderabad


At Akruti hospital, you will find one of the best Male Breast Surgeon in Hyderabad. With more than 20 years of experience and many accolades to his account, Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao, MS, M.CH, has been voted the best cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad several times.

Dr. Rao along with his surgical team at Akruti aim at providing the best hassle free experience, and imparting the best desired results with flattened, firm and contoured chest with the Gynecomastia surgery.

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