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Breast Reduction Surgeryin Hyderabadis a reconstructive surgical procedure that reduces one’s breast size which is larger than normal. This condition is called Macromastia. This could be hereditary or genetic.

Women who have unusually large breasts suffer from many perpetual physical issues which cannot be dealt with medications. The disproportional appearance with respect to the rest of their physique, leaves them with low self-esteem and often feel awkward in social situations. It could sometimes be embarrassing at situations as simple as shopping for ready-made clothes.

Akruti Hospital offers the best Breast Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad helping women get rid of:

  • Physical and emotional stress of having larger breasts
  • Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain
  • Chronic rash, inflammation and skin irritation in the folds under the breast areas
  • Nerve strains
  • Difficulty in fitting themselves into modern clothing and swimsuits
  • Restriction of certain physical activities like cardio which could be painful

This procedure will reduce the cup size helping women get proportionate body, regain self-esteem, and boost their self-confidence.


Any healthy individual who shows the signs of having larger than usual breasts can undergo Breast Reduction Surgery. However, we strictly do not operate on women below 18 years as they are still in developmental stage.

The individual has to be a non-smoker; or she should quit smoking if she plans for the Breast Reduction procedure. Added to that, she must follow pre & post-operative surgical instructions.

However, there are women who do not suffer from ‘Macromastia’ (larger breasts), but would still like to opt for the Breast Reduction Surgery for cosmetic reasons, such as social stigma, wardrobe concerns, esp. those who are in entertainment fields.



During the surgery, local anesthesia or a general anesthetic will be given for your comfort. If required, your Surgeon may opt for a special kind of anesthesia which depends on the extent of the surgical procedure and based on your stability.


Breast Reduction Surgery or Reduction Mammoplasty involves the removal of excess fat deposited in the breast parts, glandular tissues, and skin to reconstruct the size in proportion to the body image as per your desire.

  • First, a small circular incision is made around the areola area (dark skin around the nipple)
  • If the areola is very big, the Surgeon will perform an incision within its radius to reduce the size of the incision
  • Next the surgeon will work on removing the excess glandular tissues, fat and skin before moving the nipple & areola to the new marked position
  • The skin from both sides of the breast is reduced around the areola part, giving new contour to the breasts
  • Your Surgeon will suture around the areola in vertical lines downwards, along the lower crease of breasts. The surgeons at Akruti only use dissolvable sutures to close the incisions ensuring least or negligible mark or scar post recovery.

The procedure takes approximately 3 – 4 hours based on the extent of the surgery, the end result desired and if it is only on one breast or on both the breasts.


Though this procedure is a bit time consuming, it is still treated as a Day-Care procedure. Once the effect of anesthesia wears out, and you are stable, you are discharged and can go back home.

To avoid the development of bruises, your Surgeon may fix drainage tubes to drain off the fluids from the wounds. This will be removed after 24 hours, when you come for follow-ups.

It is advised to take rest for a week. You are required to follow certain restrictions which will be explained by the surgeon before you are discharged. You are expected to strictly adhere to these restrictions.


You need 48 hours of complete rest after the procedure. Once the effect of anesthesia wears out, you will have burning sensation over your chest area. This will settle in some time.

After 10 days, you have to visit your Surgeon to review your wounds and to change the dressing. You can go back to normal activities after 10 days. However, you have to restrain from strenuous physical activities like lifting weights or cardio. It will take about a month to feel completely normal.

Akruti hospital gives you the best ‘Breast Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad’ with the best Surgeon who has years of experience. But the onus is on you to follow all the advice given by surgeon for fast recovery and best results.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

The cost of this surgery will differ depending on the end result expected by you. Akruti Hospital offers you the most competitive Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad, which costs around INR 00,000/- only.


When you visit Akruti, The Chief Surgeon will examine your breast areas to assess the condition before the surgery.

Akruti Hospital has the best Breast Reduction Surgeon in Hyderabad, with more than decades of experience. We can assure you that you will leave with the desired-result of normal-sized breasts suiting your body image with a complete natural look and feel

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