How to check your body fat levels?
“Check your current Body Fat Levels”
Body-Fat Note: Full Body Liposuction is not advisable if your BMI is more than 24.
Before you go ahead it is equally important to check if you have any blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, thyroid problems, hyper tension and any blood clotting problems.

We advice not to decide on your own to have a surgery by checking body fat levels yourself, prior consultation with Liposuction Surgeon is essential.

The 10 Cricketers: Chronicles of Hair Transplantation

Cricketers with bald spots and receding hairlines are not uncommon, and there are many veteran and contemporary players suffering with this issue. But some players have decided to fight back and regrow the lost hair, and 10 of them have managed to get the most successful hair transplants ever.

1.Virender Sehwag

The dashing stunts with bat have earned him the title, “Nawab of Najafgarh”, but his bald crown was an insult to that. So, he got a hair transplant, which was sensational in many ways. He looked more youthful with the regrown hair, since his bald scalp was lending him an aged look before the surgery. Also, he revealed about his hair transplant publicly, which had encouraged many people to opt for the FUE technique, after watching the success of his surgery. This incident also put an end to the trend of visiting Dubai for the hair transplant anymore, and people are now enjoying exceptional results in the expert clinics in In


Tollywood and Cosmetic Surgeries: The Saga of Renowned Celebrities
The glamour world and cosmetic surgeries are strongly inter-related, with numerous stars getting under the knife, to improve their visual appearance and aesthetical appeal. Tollywood is no less in this aspect, and many celebrities of this arena have knocked the doors of cosmetic surgeons to improve their looks.

Allu Arjun
The young actor and “Stylish Star” of Tollywood is well known for his ultra-posh looks and mannerism. But he had to undergo a lot of effort to earn these qualities. Cosmetic surgery is one of the traits, which had lend him with excellent looks. He got a nose job and lower jaw surgery, to correct the odds like nose shape and Prognathism (the lower jaw is a bit forward in this condition).

Ram Charan
Touted as “Mega Power Star”, Ram Charan is every bit suited for the title. His looks, action, dance and fights have earned him hardcore fans and excellent craze in the public, just like his father. But,

Beauty for All
Beauty and cosmetic procedure can be affordable today; the team at Akruti Institute of Cosmetic and Plastic surgery can make it happen. We are extremely happy to announce reduction in prices for our few of our services as a limited period offer. We are running a “Beauty for all “campaign for the month of April


Liposuction Stories: Tollywood’s Famous Celebrities Who Have Transformed Their Looks

Liposuction is no alien to Tollywood, since some famous celebrities have transformed their looks enormously by getting this cosmetic surgery. Now, we look into their liposuction stories to know about the facts behind them.



Junior NTR, the “Young Tiger” of Tollywood, had created a sensation during the release of his film, “Yamadonga”. He lost a great deal of his body weight, and this once chubby actor had transformed into a slim and stylish persona. Telugu audience and his fans in other states were shocked with this development, because in the earlier film “Rakhi”, it was evident that he was turning obese, and barely in the next film, he had reappeared in a new avatar. And at this point, the rumors about

Navel Piercing Akruti Institute will be now offering belly button piercing procedure from April 19th 2014 .To book an appointment with one of our cosmetic surgeon please use the appointment form. Belly Button Piercing is also called as Umbilical Dip Piercing/Navel Piercing. Estimated perfect Healing time: 6-7 Months Post the procedure swelling and bruising is observed near the piercing area. You are advised to take proper care of your navel .Do not wear tight clothes and do not apply any moisturizer over the navel at-least for 1 month. Usage of a proper anti-bacterial soap is recommended. Natural healing is recommended during the first 2 months post the procedure.  In a period of time a new skin would form with proper thickness. (3-4 months)

Rhinoplasty Recovery :- For the first seven days after your nose job at the cosmetic clinic you are required to sleep with your heads and shoulder in an elevated position. Your head needs to be in 30-40 degree angle with some soft pillows while you keep the head elevated you can make sure to reduce the swelling to a greater extent and also ensuring a greater recovery time. The bruising which is seen under the eyes will disappear within a time span of 10-14 days but if you are smoker than the bruising can be seen at least for a month so you are actually advised to quit smoking before you plan for a nose job. Once the bandage is removed make sure that you take care of your nose extremely well and not to injure it in any case.. The splint is recommended to be there at least for two weeks and plan for a week’s holiday before you go ahead for the nose surgery.


Katrina’s lips, Preity Zinta’s dimple (controversial), Priyanka Chopra’s perfect cupid bow lips and nose, Sridevi’s straight nose, and Shilpa Shetty’s overall transformation are all thanks to cosmetic surgery. I have listed below a few success stories. 1. Shilpa Shetty’s transformation from a gawky earthling to a gorgeous diva. Cosmetic Surgery – SHilpa Shetty 2. Katrina’s perfect lips and sculpted body. Cosmetic Surgery –

Medical Terminology:

Cheiloschisis is known as cleft lip and Palatoschisis is known as cleft palate. The main vision for the procedure is to ensure that the child can speak ,eat and breathe properly. The cleft lip and palate procedures require multiple surgeries depending on the intensity.

Quick Notes :

Cleft lip repair — between 1 to 4 months of age
Cleft palate repair — between 5 and 15 months of age
Follow-up surgeries — between age 2 and late teenage.
What do you mean by a cleft ? -A cleft is a natural groove or opening. The cleft lip and palate are treatable and they generally occur individually or with a combination of both post procedure bleeding and poor healing are some of the common symptoms. Cleft Palate is a state when

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